Fixing a friends computer….

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So, I’ve always tinkered with computers. I love them. I build them, I destroy them, I fix them. A friend recently asked me if I could take a look at her computer. Sure! So a couple days later I pick it up. She told me, It was working, I went away for the evening and came back, the cats had knocked it over/unplugged it. So, it had a rough shut down. She said she went to turn it back on, and nothing happened.

Long story short, I suspected the power supply. The motherboard had lights lit up, but nothing happened when you pushed the power button. I took the power supply out, removed the “Warranty void if removed” sticker, and opened up the power supply case. I found three caps that were for sure bad. One had exploded, two leaked thier fluid out and were very swollen.

Check out the pics 🙂


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