Some Progress!

Posted: September 26, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So, as you guys know i’ve started building my Mantis 9 Clone. I had the wood cut out from a friend over at named Harry. He’s a great guy, Everything he does oozes awesome sauce over there, and he makes custom cast parts to build a Joes CNC. I think i’ll go that route once I move home and have a shop built, from there its on to custom plaques, cabinets, and who knows what else, maybe i’ll be able to make something as awesome as Harry!

I had a bluumax gantry router, availible at but i never fully utilized it to its potential. I think I cut maybe…. 1/2 a part out, I say 1/2 because I did not secure the Z axis flexible coupling well enough, and half way through my job, the z-axis fell and my dremel went through the table, burning the HDPE cutting board, my dremel collet, and drilling a big hold through my table as well. Luckily my electronics were not harmed in the process. (They got WARM though) I hate to sound like an advertisement for my friends, but if you want to get into CNC at a realative low cost and great support, Give Shawn at a try.

So now some pics!

Stay tuned!


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