It’s been over a year!

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So, It’s been over a year since i’ve posted. I let my domain expire, but I think i’ll be renewing that soon. I finally have a WORKING cnc machine. A while back I put it together, got it moving and all, then I had crashed it a little hard and the table nut on the y axis came all the way out (they are press fit exactly for reasons like this) and I was so frustrated with it at the time I just quit. No messing with it, no tinkering, nothing. Just work, eat and sleep.

All that changed last week. We are in the process of building a house as well, and It’d been 3 weeks since the weather would cooperate with us enough to work on it. We got half of our floor joists installed, and I wasn’t ready to stop working. I decided i’d finally tackle my CNC problem once and for all, it was man vs machine and I finally talked it into cooperating with me. I removed the Y-axis motor/slide and reinstalled the delrin nut with some strips of paper as recommended by John at (he made the machine i purchased) and proceeded to debug and try to get it working.

After some messing around I was able to make it cut text… but it was cutting it 2x bigger than I was drawing in Cut2d. It also was cutting it inverted and backwards. Well, I figured out through lots of interwebs browsing that I could reverse my x axis in the CNC software and after figuring out how my table orientation was, I discovered that It just cuts upside down. No biggie as long as the end product is right.  So now I can cut text and other objects and they come out 100 percent correct now.  Still would like to get some limit switches for safety lol.


Well, enjoy some pictures 🙂


705698_10151327943520255_856062629_o 886413_10151545714625255_1143506306_o 1149083_10151766952305255_1501527833_o 1077712_10151766951755255_181112405_o


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