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So, It’s been over a year since i’ve posted. I let my domain expire, but I think i’ll be renewing that soon. I finally have a WORKING cnc machine. A while back I put it together, got it moving and all, then I had crashed it a little hard and the table nut on the y axis came all the way out (they are press fit exactly for reasons like this) and I was so frustrated with it at the time I just quit. No messing with it, no tinkering, nothing. Just work, eat and sleep.

All that changed last week. We are in the process of building a house as well, and It’d been 3 weeks since the weather would cooperate with us enough to work on it. We got half of our floor joists installed, and I wasn’t ready to stop working. I decided i’d finally tackle my CNC problem once and for all, it was man vs machine and I finally talked it into cooperating with me. I removed the Y-axis motor/slide and reinstalled the delrin nut with some strips of paper as recommended by John at (he made the machine i purchased) and proceeded to debug and try to get it working.

After some messing around I was able to make it cut text… but it was cutting it 2x bigger than I was drawing in Cut2d. It also was cutting it inverted and backwards. Well, I figured out through lots of interwebs browsing that I could reverse my x axis in the CNC software and after figuring out how my table orientation was, I discovered that It just cuts upside down. No biggie as long as the end product is right.  So now I can cut text and other objects and they come out 100 percent correct now.  Still would like to get some limit switches for safety lol.


Well, enjoy some pictures 🙂


705698_10151327943520255_856062629_o 886413_10151545714625255_1143506306_o 1149083_10151766952305255_1501527833_o 1077712_10151766951755255_181112405_o


Ok all, there comes a time when you just have to admit defeat.  I’m getting tired of doing everything the hard way, and I’ve decided that it’s time to go ahead and get non-diy stuff now. I’ve been tinkering with my non-working mill for a while now, and i’m just downright tired of not being able to cut any parts out. (or even move the mill with my computer lol) 

At the last update, you saw pictures of my “kind of” assembled CNC. No where near complete, I had everything sort of mocked up. Well, due to an oversight on my part, I should have had the parts cut from .5″ plywood, but i had it cut with .75″ thick stuff. Doesn’t appear to be a big deal, but it’s amazing how an extra 1/4″ of thickness really messes up a design. 

So this brings me to my next thing.

I am going to buy this machine, (Microcarve MV3) ($549.00) 

along with this Ready to run CNC 3 axis kit

3-Axis ProboStep Stepper Motor Driver Kit ($404.95)

And eventually once I break or wear out my Dremel 300, (TB650 complete package) $289.00

So I know it seems like alot of cash out, but i’m basically putting together a kit that will be almost plug -n-play.  


Since no parts have been ordered yet, my total cost remains the same. More updates soon. 

Some Progress!

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So, as you guys know i’ve started building my Mantis 9 Clone. I had the wood cut out from a friend over at named Harry. He’s a great guy, Everything he does oozes awesome sauce over there, and he makes custom cast parts to build a Joes CNC. I think i’ll go that route once I move home and have a shop built, from there its on to custom plaques, cabinets, and who knows what else, maybe i’ll be able to make something as awesome as Harry!

I had a bluumax gantry router, availible at but i never fully utilized it to its potential. I think I cut maybe…. 1/2 a part out, I say 1/2 because I did not secure the Z axis flexible coupling well enough, and half way through my job, the z-axis fell and my dremel went through the table, burning the HDPE cutting board, my dremel collet, and drilling a big hold through my table as well. Luckily my electronics were not harmed in the process. (They got WARM though) I hate to sound like an advertisement for my friends, but if you want to get into CNC at a realative low cost and great support, Give Shawn at a try.

So now some pics!

Stay tuned!

Just a small update, I placed my McMaster order last week, to get the final things I’d need for my machine. My box full of my old machine came, it had everything except the MDF board. I didn’t need all the perspex pieces, but im not going to complain 🙂

My McMaster order Totaled 101.27, not too bad. it was 6.61 for UPS ground shipping.

I also found a LCD screen at goodwill for 15 dollars. Took it home, plugged it in, FLAWLESS! It is a little dim, but I can work with that, it’s going on my CNC machine anyways.

Thanks for reading all!

Well, here’s where i stand to-date. I have ordered parts from Jameco, Servo-City, and USABEARINGS out of Florida.

Here’s what I’ve ordered.

Harry’s CNC Time – 60$
I purchased machine time on Harry’s CNC machine, he’s going to cut out the machine panels for me from a piece of higher quality hardwood. (Plywood?) You can find him at and He owns/operates both sites. If you are ever in the market for a RIGID SUPER AWERSOME CNC machine, he’s got cast pieces and plans to build a 4×4 Hybrid version of Joes CNC. He charged me 60$ for the time to cut my plywood. Thanks again harry.

Jameco – 4x DC MOTOR , 12VDC , 8750MA
$2.95 each x4, $11.80, $7.90 Shipping – $19.70 Total.

These are 19k rpm motors, 12v

I ordered 4, because Jameco has a 10$ minimum order, Or you can pay 5$ order fee, I figured I’d rather get more parts for my money rather then pay an empty Order fee.
Current @ Max. Efficiency (A)    2.05
Efficiency    66
Nominal Voltage (VDC)    12
Shaft Diameter (inch)    0.091
Shaft Length (inch)    0.622
Size (Dia)    1.082 x 1.279
Speed @ Max. Efficiency (RPM)    19850
Terminal Type    0.12/Solder
Voltage Range (VDC)    6-12
Torque @ Max. Efficiency (g-cm)    79.7

ServoCity – 2 Items
$11.50 Total, Shipping and Handling: $6.99
18.49 Total

Presicion shaft and 1/4 x 1/8 Rigid coupler.

#SS250-3.00 1/4″x3″ Precision Shaft $3.25
#CDS-B1-4    1/8″ to 1/4″ Rigid Shaft Coupler $8.25

usabearingsbelts – Ebay Seller

I probably overpaid for overspec’d pieces of junk, but I’d love to prove myself wrong.

R4-ZZ ABEC 3 Bearings

2x R4-ZZ Premium Bearing 1/4 x 5/8 R4 ZZ, ABEC 3   @$4.97each, Free shipping.
Bore-1/4    OD-5/8    Width-.1960
Shields – Metal Shields on 2 sides to protect from dust and other contaminates
Lubrication – Wide temperature range Mobil Polyrex EM2 (-40 to + 350)
Noise Testing – Noise tested before and after lubrication
Noise Level – Passes V2 Noise Vibration Standards Smaller Sized, V3 Standards. Large Bore- Meets or exceeds Electric Motor
Precision Balls – Matched ABMA Grade 10 or better for roundness
Raceways – Finely honed Super Finished for long life and low noise
Quality Level – Premium bearings are ABEC 3/C3 compatable
Testing – Independent Endurance testing has verified our Premium bearings Outperformed all low cost bearings and matched or exceeded the performance of well-known brand name bearings

I know I didnt have to post the specs of everything, but I wanted to justify what I spent on the quality and specs. Everything I ordered this first time around was basically for the Low-Cost Spindle designed by David Carr. You can find the original design and specs here

So… Thats where I stand. I will probably place a McMaster order this friday, I would have allready placed it, but thier online website order system doesn’t like me… I’ll have to call them with part numbers. I hate being on the phone >.<

I hope you guys enjoyed my update… And, I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my goodies!

These last two are just because 😉

Another close up of the 1/8 x 1/4 Rigid Coupler

This is a neat closeup of the Rigid Coupler.

Charles, Aka – Jelly

First Post!

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This blog will be my record of anything I decide to make, do, follow, want, and generally anything going on that I feel like posting about. I know that sounds self centered and all, but it is _my_ blog after all right? I have an odd sense of humor sometimes, I don’t expect all the first readers to get my humor. That’s ok, Hopefully after the content I post I will attract more readers. Or not, its just a place to put my thoughts and projects down.

I like electronics, I want to learn about Arduinos, CNC programming, DIY PCB fabrication, and much much more. My first posts will most likely follow me building my second CNC. (I had one, but my first one … well, I’ll go into that later)

Eventually, I want to be able to make small PCB’s, small molds, CNC things out of wax, make more parts for more machines, basically anything the mind can dream up. My Projects will all be open source, free to use with only a mere mention of my site and what I do, unless otherwise noted. I’d love my hobby to become some sort of supplemental income, but then again, who wouldn’t love to get paid for their stuff lol.

Until next time,
(You all might see me sign myself as Jelly, that’s been my nickname FOREVER lol)

Comments, feedback, anything really, is welcome.