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Just a small update, I placed my McMaster order last week, to get the final things I’d need for my machine. My box full of my old machine came, it had everything except the MDF board. I didn’t need all the perspex pieces, but im not going to complain 🙂

My McMaster order Totaled 101.27, not too bad. it was 6.61 for UPS ground shipping.

I also found a LCD screen at goodwill for 15 dollars. Took it home, plugged it in, FLAWLESS! It is a little dim, but I can work with that, it’s going on my CNC machine anyways.

Thanks for reading all!


Well, here’s where i stand to-date. I have ordered parts from Jameco, Servo-City, and USABEARINGS out of Florida.

Here’s what I’ve ordered.

Harry’s CNC Time – 60$
I purchased machine time on Harry’s CNC machine, he’s going to cut out the machine panels for me from a piece of higher quality hardwood. (Plywood?) You can find him at and He owns/operates both sites. If you are ever in the market for a RIGID SUPER AWERSOME CNC machine, he’s got cast pieces and plans to build a 4×4 Hybrid version of Joes CNC. He charged me 60$ for the time to cut my plywood. Thanks again harry.

Jameco – 4x DC MOTOR , 12VDC , 8750MA
$2.95 each x4, $11.80, $7.90 Shipping – $19.70 Total.

These are 19k rpm motors, 12v

I ordered 4, because Jameco has a 10$ minimum order, Or you can pay 5$ order fee, I figured I’d rather get more parts for my money rather then pay an empty Order fee.
Current @ Max. Efficiency (A)    2.05
Efficiency    66
Nominal Voltage (VDC)    12
Shaft Diameter (inch)    0.091
Shaft Length (inch)    0.622
Size (Dia)    1.082 x 1.279
Speed @ Max. Efficiency (RPM)    19850
Terminal Type    0.12/Solder
Voltage Range (VDC)    6-12
Torque @ Max. Efficiency (g-cm)    79.7

ServoCity – 2 Items
$11.50 Total, Shipping and Handling: $6.99
18.49 Total

Presicion shaft and 1/4 x 1/8 Rigid coupler.

#SS250-3.00 1/4″x3″ Precision Shaft $3.25
#CDS-B1-4    1/8″ to 1/4″ Rigid Shaft Coupler $8.25

usabearingsbelts – Ebay Seller

I probably overpaid for overspec’d pieces of junk, but I’d love to prove myself wrong.

R4-ZZ ABEC 3 Bearings

2x R4-ZZ Premium Bearing 1/4 x 5/8 R4 ZZ, ABEC 3   @$4.97each, Free shipping.
Bore-1/4    OD-5/8    Width-.1960
Shields – Metal Shields on 2 sides to protect from dust and other contaminates
Lubrication – Wide temperature range Mobil Polyrex EM2 (-40 to + 350)
Noise Testing – Noise tested before and after lubrication
Noise Level – Passes V2 Noise Vibration Standards Smaller Sized, V3 Standards. Large Bore- Meets or exceeds Electric Motor
Precision Balls – Matched ABMA Grade 10 or better for roundness
Raceways – Finely honed Super Finished for long life and low noise
Quality Level – Premium bearings are ABEC 3/C3 compatable
Testing – Independent Endurance testing has verified our Premium bearings Outperformed all low cost bearings and matched or exceeded the performance of well-known brand name bearings

I know I didnt have to post the specs of everything, but I wanted to justify what I spent on the quality and specs. Everything I ordered this first time around was basically for the Low-Cost Spindle designed by David Carr. You can find the original design and specs here

So… Thats where I stand. I will probably place a McMaster order this friday, I would have allready placed it, but thier online website order system doesn’t like me… I’ll have to call them with part numbers. I hate being on the phone >.<

I hope you guys enjoyed my update… And, I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my goodies!

These last two are just because 😉

Another close up of the 1/8 x 1/4 Rigid Coupler

This is a neat closeup of the Rigid Coupler.

Charles, Aka – Jelly