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Well, here’s where i stand to-date. I have ordered parts from Jameco, Servo-City, and USABEARINGS out of Florida.

Here’s what I’ve ordered.

Harry’s CNC Time – 60$
I purchased machine time on Harry’s CNC machine, he’s going to cut out the machine panels for me from a piece of higher quality hardwood. (Plywood?) You can find him at and He owns/operates both sites. If you are ever in the market for a RIGID SUPER AWERSOME CNC machine, he’s got cast pieces and plans to build a 4×4 Hybrid version of Joes CNC. He charged me 60$ for the time to cut my plywood. Thanks again harry.

Jameco – 4x DC MOTOR , 12VDC , 8750MA
$2.95 each x4, $11.80, $7.90 Shipping – $19.70 Total.

These are 19k rpm motors, 12v

I ordered 4, because Jameco has a 10$ minimum order, Or you can pay 5$ order fee, I figured I’d rather get more parts for my money rather then pay an empty Order fee.
Current @ Max. Efficiency (A)    2.05
Efficiency    66
Nominal Voltage (VDC)    12
Shaft Diameter (inch)    0.091
Shaft Length (inch)    0.622
Size (Dia)    1.082 x 1.279
Speed @ Max. Efficiency (RPM)    19850
Terminal Type    0.12/Solder
Voltage Range (VDC)    6-12
Torque @ Max. Efficiency (g-cm)    79.7

ServoCity – 2 Items
$11.50 Total, Shipping and Handling: $6.99
18.49 Total

Presicion shaft and 1/4 x 1/8 Rigid coupler.

#SS250-3.00 1/4″x3″ Precision Shaft $3.25
#CDS-B1-4    1/8″ to 1/4″ Rigid Shaft Coupler $8.25

usabearingsbelts – Ebay Seller

I probably overpaid for overspec’d pieces of junk, but I’d love to prove myself wrong.

R4-ZZ ABEC 3 Bearings

2x R4-ZZ Premium Bearing 1/4 x 5/8 R4 ZZ, ABEC 3   @$4.97each, Free shipping.
Bore-1/4    OD-5/8    Width-.1960
Shields – Metal Shields on 2 sides to protect from dust and other contaminates
Lubrication – Wide temperature range Mobil Polyrex EM2 (-40 to + 350)
Noise Testing – Noise tested before and after lubrication
Noise Level – Passes V2 Noise Vibration Standards Smaller Sized, V3 Standards. Large Bore- Meets or exceeds Electric Motor
Precision Balls – Matched ABMA Grade 10 or better for roundness
Raceways – Finely honed Super Finished for long life and low noise
Quality Level – Premium bearings are ABEC 3/C3 compatable
Testing – Independent Endurance testing has verified our Premium bearings Outperformed all low cost bearings and matched or exceeded the performance of well-known brand name bearings

I know I didnt have to post the specs of everything, but I wanted to justify what I spent on the quality and specs. Everything I ordered this first time around was basically for the Low-Cost Spindle designed by David Carr. You can find the original design and specs here

So… Thats where I stand. I will probably place a McMaster order this friday, I would have allready placed it, but thier online website order system doesn’t like me… I’ll have to call them with part numbers. I hate being on the phone >.<

I hope you guys enjoyed my update… And, I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my goodies!

These last two are just because 😉

Another close up of the 1/8 x 1/4 Rigid Coupler

This is a neat closeup of the Rigid Coupler.

Charles, Aka – Jelly